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CCI - Research Centre on International Cooperation

CCI - Centro di ricerca sulla cooperazione internazionale
Address: via Salvecchio 19 24129 - Bergamo - Città alta
Tel.: +39 035 2052240
Fax: +39 035 2052221
E-mail: cci@unibg.it

CCI - Research Centre on International Cooperation is no more active from April 1st, 2016.

The Centre has the goal to promote international cooperation through the interaction with different scientific branches of Universities, of the network of UNESCO Chairs, of international organizations, of institutions, of political authorities and of actors belonging to the civil society. The center provides its support to three areas: the UNESCO Chair "Human Rights and the Ethics of International Cooperation", founded with an agreement between Bergamo University and UNESCO, the Area "Finance and Development" and the research community "Cultures, Religions, Rights, Non-violence".

The aims of the UNESCO Chair "Human Rights and the Ethics of International Cooperation" is to deepen the research on the ethical principles, which are at the basis of a kind of cooperation founded on the effectiveness of the human rights. This can be done through partnerships between UNESCO Chairs, international organizations, research centers and universities. The Chair addresses students, professors, researchers interested in widening these topics and in applying them to different socio-cultural contexts.

UNESCO CHair Website

The Area "Finance and Development" has the aim of deepening the subject of the contribution of finance to the economic development, with particular focus on the study of innovative methodologies of financial intermediation, viable for contexts and countries with difficult economic growth. Within this frame, it's given particular importance to the phenomena of micro-finance. The Area, thanks to a donation from the Foundation "Giordano Dell'Amore", has a specialized library and releases the magazine "Savings and Development", that is internationally distributed.

Finance and Development Website

The research community "Cultures, Religions, Rights, Non-violence" has the aim of studying the work of Raimon Panikkar, to promote the knowledge of his intellectual production through scientific publications, meetings, conferences, workshops and pedagogic activities, to build open and “network” relationships with others, individuals or institutions, which work on the basis of a Panikkarian inspiration or which implement a research that is somehow related to these same topics.

CRND Website