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Ph.D. in Economics and Management of Technology

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The Ph.D. program in Economics and Management of Technology is organized by the Department of Engineering of the University of Bergamo, jointly with the Polytechnic of Turin, the University of Brescia and the University Carlo Cattaneo - LIUC. The goal of this Ph. D. program is to fill the gap between technological knowledge and economic-managerial skills. It is especially designed for graduates in Engineering and in Business and Economics who are interested in carrying out research activity in the following fields: Management, Finance, Business Analysis, Industrial Organization, and Economics of Innovation. Special emphasis is placed on the study of managerial and technological innovation processes, in order to prepare students either to get key managerial roles in international and local companies or to do research in Universities, in private and public institutions or research centers.

The Ph.D. program is based on a three-year research activity. It is coordinated by the Faculty Committee, which is also responsible for selecting each Ph.D student's supervisor. The Committee periodically verifies that the students successfully fulfill all the requirements to achieve the final title.

During the first year, students are offered advanced courses on quantitative analysis and acquire in-depth competencies in the following areas: Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Economics of Innovation Management of Technological Innovation, Management Control Systems, Finance, Business Strategy, and Management. Students have to pass exams on these courses.

During the second year, Ph.D. students choose the topic of their dissertation thesis. In order to strengthen their specific competence, they typically spend this year abroad attending specialized courses in foreign universities and/or research centers. Students have to give a seminar on their research projects, covering the research topic, the literature review and the original improvements of their activity, and some first obtained results.

The third year is dedicated to the completion of the thesis. The latter must adequately comply with international standards. Students give a final seminar on the results they have achieved. After that, they have to discuss the thesis with a panel of experts, selected among Italian Universities. If the discussion is successful, students receive their Ph.D. degree ("Dottore di Ricerca").

The Ph.D. program will admit nine students for the 2007-2008 academic year. Five of them will be fully supported by a three-year scholarship, which includes an adequate increase for the second year if they spent a research period abroad.

Admission tests for the Ph.D. in Economics and Management of Technology are open to all graduates with economic or scientific degrees. The admission test consists of a two steps procedure: first students must submit a broad research program and two letters of presentation. An admission Committee will form a short list among all the applications received. Second, candidates in the short list will be interviewed, to set the final ranking.

Theses of the PhD course in Economics and Management of Technology (2008-) are available online at Aisberg, the open access repository of the University of Bergamo): access online archive.

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