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Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

How to apply

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Admission test

Entry in the PhD program is regulated by an annual admission test.
The admission test consists in a written test and in an interview to verify the preparation, the competences, the research capabilities of the candidate, his/her knowledge of at least one of the three clinical fields developed by the PhD program and the oral/written knowledge of the English language.
Essential prerequisites are the knowledge of the English language (possibly certified by a TOEFL, FCE, Trinity 8 o 9, BEC Vantage, CELS Intermediate or any other equivalent certificate) as well as basic competences in computer science, statistics and psychological research methodology. The academic curriculum of every candidate will also be evaluated.

Participation to the admission test

Participation to the annual admission test is open, without limits of age and citizenship, to those holding a four/five-year degree issued by an Italian University, a bachelor degree plus a Master or an equivalent non-Italian degree. EU and non-EU citizens holding a title that has not yet been declared equivalent to the Italian degree must specify it in their application.


Halves the PhD positions available, whose number is annually defined, are assigned a three-year scholarship. The annual gross amount of the scholarship is Euro 13.638. For study periods abroad the amount of the scholarship is increased by 50%. For the programme beginning in 2011, 4 positions are available, 2 of which will be assigned a scholarship.

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Bandi / Announcement of Competitive ExaminationsPublication
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