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Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

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Corsi / Courses

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Seminari / Seminars
12 marzo 2013 - Harold G. Procter - How to identify the meanings in the clinical conversations?
13 marzo 2013 - Harold G. Procter - Come identificare i significati nella conversazione clinica?
11 gennaio 2013 - Robert A. Neimeyer - Il lutto e le sue complicazioni
11 dicembre 2012 - Jarl Wahlstrom - Discourse and narratives in Psychotherapy: Theoretical perspectives and methods
10 gennaio 2013 - Robert A. Neimeyer - Constructivism and Psychotherapy: some research strategies


22 maggio 2012 - Joachim Krueger Lectio magistralis


8-9.06.2011 Joachim Krueger ciclo di seminari:Psychology in Business and Economics
12-14-15 aprile 2011 Arlene Vetere Seminari
31.03.2011 - Elisabeth Fivaz -Seminario The development of the child's triangular communication in the family from infancy to toddlerhood
19-20.01.2011 - Jaakko Seikkula - Open dialogue approach in psychosis: Responsive relations in the present moment


21-22.06.2010 - Peter Stratton e Helga Hanks - Qualitative and quantitative methods in psychological research: a comparison through two example-studies
6-7.05.2010 - Bertram F.Malle Reading intentionality and mental states in moral judgment
16.04.2010 - Seminario Sara Barratt Fostered and Adopted children: Connecting Research with Clinical Practice


9.11.2009 - Bertram F.Malle The Folk Theory of Mind and Behavior
16.10.2009 - Peter Stratton Attribution processes during psychotherapeutic family sessions

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