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Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

Program and educational goals

Area bacheca: 344&

Dpt.: Human Sciences
Coordinator: prof. Valeria Ugazio

The three-year PhD program is organized by the University of Bergamo together with the Catholic University of Milan and the University of Brescia.
The goal of this PhD program is to prepare researchers in clinical psychology as well as in psychodiagnostics and psychotherapy.
The proposed program allows students to acquire an advanced knowledge of the three main psychotherapeutic fields in Psychology - cognitivism, psychoanalysis and systemic-relational psychotherapies - and specialist knowledge of one of them. The PhD program also provides students with methodological and statistical competences. Attention is given, above all, to the methods, techniques and tools frequently used in clinical psychology research. PhD students are also given a theoretical-practical background in clinical neuropsychology.
The formative context of the Doctorate allows students to develop their research and clinical knowledge, while actively participating in the ongoing debates. The existence of different points of view in the didactic and research activity of the Doctorate is in fact not finalized to favour the adoption of eclectic or integrated perspectives; on the contrary, it allows students to evaluate the analogies, and above all the differences, between the existing perspectives and the one adopted. Knowledge, as Gregory Bateson pointed out, proceeds thanks to differences, provided that differences know how to converse. This is what our PhD program proposes.

Theses archive

Theses of the PhD course in Clinical Psychology (2008-) are available online at Aisberg, the open access repository of the University of Bergamo): access online archive.