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Sciences of International Cooperation

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Aims of the PhD Course

The Ph.D. School in Sciences of International Cooperation "Vittorino Chizzolini" is designed to achieve the following educational goals, aimed at exercising highly qualified research activities at Universities, public or private institutions:

  1. To develop the research in the field of the actuality of Human Rights, with a special focus on cultural rights, such as the right of having an education as a tool to fight social discriminations.
  2. To improve the research in the realm of international cooperation, implying a mutual commitment between different partners according to the principles of a consistent democratic governance.
  3. To train in the area of educational planning, of institutional support in the management of international projects, and of Human Rights both in the European and worldwide context.

Major research areas are:

  1. The social challenges of the development: globalisation, growth, poverty, social inequalities
  2. Education, migration, development
  3. The education policies of the international cooperation
  4. Human development and democratic governance
  5. Ethics of international cooperation
  6. Microfinance and the role of the social development
  7. Economic and industrial ethics
  8. Human Rights and international cooperation
  9. The actuality of economic, social and cultural rights: goals and tools of the development
  10. Ethics and philosophy of science
  11. The theories of the development
  12. Human Rights and inter-religious dialogue
  13. Financial intermediation and economical development.

The assessment about the preparation of the graduate students will be done as follows:

  • Frequency of participation to the activities organised by the PhD staff
  • Autonomy and spirit of enterprise in the search of other learning and in-depth studies of issues arising from the PhD programme
  • Draft of reports and relations regarding the activities carried out
  • Monitoring internship done abroad by contacting the hosting institute
  • Interviews with a supervisor

Duration of the course

The duration of the PhD Course is 3 years.

Requisites for admission

The successful completion of a qualifying examination is required for admission to candidacy for the PhD in Sciences of International Cooperation "Vittorino Chizzolini".

All the candidates are entitled to participate at the selection for admission to PhD, without limits of age and citizenship, provided that they got a degree according to the former University Regulations (prior to the reform of "Teaching University autonomy"), or a second level degree or an analogous degree obtained abroad and previously recognised by the academic institution.

Theses archive

Theses of the PhD course in Sciences of International Cooperation (2011-) are available online at Aisberg, the open access repository of the University of Bergamo): access online archive.