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Technology for Energy and Environment Technology

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Aims of the PhD Course

One of the main goal of this PhD Course is to fill the gap between the knowledge of the energy production and conversion technologies and the environmental issues nowadays indissolubly bonded together: the deepening of such topics is of paramount importance for an efficient management of the environmental and energy resources.
The PhD Course has a twofold aim:

  • to meet the expectations of the most innovative enterprises operating in the field of energy and environment, which need high level personnel in key positions
  • to satisfy the demand for professional qualification at the highest levels by young graduated which intend to reach relevant positions both in the academic and industrial field.

The PhD Students will carry out, in their PhD thesis work, research projects defined also in close cooperation with industries operating in the energy field.
To this end a Board of Trustees, made by members of the Board and by representative of the industries that support the PhD Course, is formed and cooperates with the Board to share the projects and contributing to define the strategies.

The PhD Course is based on a three year research activity:

First Year
PhD students will attend advanced courses, for an amount of about 300 hours, to acquire competencies on specific sectors like: advanced technologies in energy production, energy saving, renewable energy sources, environmental impact of energy production technologies, technology for emission control etc. and to deepen the knowledge on advanced mathematical and numerical methods, combustion, thermofluids, measurement techniques for research.
The courses and seminar will be given by members of outstanding research groups of various Engineering Faculties.
By the end of the first year the subject of the PhD Thesis will be defined.

Second Year
During this year the PhD students will work on their research project and they will have the possibility to perform part of this work abroad in Universities or Research Centres.

Third Year
This year will see the completion of the research project, at the end of which the PhD student will dissert the Thesis in front of a panel of experts chosen from different Italian Universities. Provided the success of the dissertation, the PhD student will receive the PhD degree.

Admission test

The admission test comprises a written test followed by a colloquium with a panel of experts, both steps are intended to evacuate the capacity of the candidate to pursue with proficiency a research project.
The admission test is open to all graduates with scientific degree.


Marco Savini (Coordinator), Francesco Bassi, Gian Paolo Beretta, Stefano Consonni, Gianpietro Cossali, Fabio Cozzi, Vincenzo Dossena, Giovanni Lozza, Antonio Perdichizzi, Valerio Re, Stefano Rebay.

Theses archive

Theses of the PhD course in Technology for Energy and Environment Technology (2008-) are available online at Aisberg, the open access repository of the University of Bergamo): access online archive.

For further information please contact

Prof. M. Savini - e-mail: marco.savini@unibg.it - tel. 035 2052317
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