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CASI - Statistical Analyses and Survey Interviewing


CESC - CASI - Analisi statistiche e indagini campionarie
Address: via dei Caniana 2 24127 - Bergamo
Tel.: +39 035 2052516
Fax: +39 035 2052549
E-mail: casi@unibg.it

Director: Prof. Silvia Biffignandi

The CASI carries out research and acts as a consultant for local companies and socio-economical organizations.

Their research covers not only the awareness of socialeconomic issues, but also offers solutions to problems linked to the planning and organization of company activities. This strengthens the framework of Bergamo businesses and companies in a global context.

Scientific competence and international contacts make the Interdepartmental Centre an important and active player in international research and gives it the opportunity to cooperate with research centres in numerous countries.

The CASI carries out the following ativities:

  • Planning and collection of survey data (direct, telephone, Web, focus group, Delphi, panels of experts, etc.) or by means of administration archives or existing statistical sources

  • Analysis of collected data and the interpretative analysis of results

  • Quality analysis (data, evaluation of service quality, processing and products)

  • Application of statistical models to interpret context, to evaluate weighting of various factors, to design questionnaires, to study the problems of measurement scales, to analyze vast quantities of data from information systems (reporting, textmining, data-mining)

  • Training and teaching in survey methodology and other statistical techniques.

There is a high level of interdisciplinary competence involved and applied plus a solid methodological base and qualified experts in data characteristics and in information production processes. This combined with the capacity to interpret and contextualize results make it possible to solve the decisional problems which were the aim of the study.

The area of application of interdisciplinary competence ranges from analyzing problems regarding society, industry and services to those of the area, markets and individual company's internal problems.

The CASI Centre was set up by the Department of Management, Economics and Quantitative Methods.