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UNESCO Chair: Human Rights and the Ethics of International Cooperation

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Cattedra UNESCO: Diritti dell'uomo ed etica della cooperazione internazionale
Address: via Salvecchio 19 24129 - Bergamo - Città alta
Tel.: +39 035 2052240
Fax: +39 035 2052221
E-mail: cattedra.unesco@unibg.it

Co-ordinator: Prof. Stefania Gandolfi
Web: www.unibg.it/cattedraunesco

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The UNESCO Chair of Bergamo, founded in 2004, is a centre for training and research.

The activity of Bergamo's Chair lies within the framework of the UNITWIN (University Twinning and Networking) / UNESCO Chairs' program, created by UNESCO in 1992, with the aims of promoting training and research and of encouraging cooperation between universities and the circulation and the integration of knowledge among Countries.
In particular, the suggestions of the UNESCO General Director concerning the new strategic guidance of UNITWIN and UNESCO Chair program of March 9th 2007, were adopted during the 176th division of the Executive Council in April 2007. They highlight that UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks should not only represent Think-Tanks, but they should also become "bridge-builders", links between Academic community and civil society. Training and research activities of UNESCO Chairs should promote and spread knowledge within communities they work with, in order to enable them to influence political decisions.
In this regard, the General Director's suggestions state that "beyond the traditional functions which include teaching, training, research and action in favour of communities, the new generation of UNESCO Chairs and Networks will be asked to fulfil these new criteria:

  1. joining a main field of the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs' program
  2. joining an existing network or a systematic group related to one of the main fields
  3. providing concrete evidence of durability
  4. owning a North-South and/or South/South cooperation dimension (art. 11).
"The adoption of this strategic approach and of the corresponding criteria will contribute to enhance the interaction between UNESCO and Network Chairs, hence facilitating their participation in the conception, in the construction and in the evaluation and activities of the programs of the Organization. They will provide the Organization with study groups, linking research and civil society, researchers and decision makers" (art.12).

Aims of the Chair

The challenge of the UNESCO Chair is to relate and connect not only different branches, but also several organisations, institutions, social and political actors, to establish an international cooperation on human rights starting from the acknowledgement of cultural diversities.

In our contemporary society, migrations and globalisation force us to redefine social and international cooperation policy.

How to reach us

Avvisi e News / Announces et nouvelles / Announcements and News
3-5 settembre 2018 - Summer School "Formazione alla cooperazione internazionale"
Fondazione Giuseppe Tovini - Fondazione Museke - Associazione V. Chizzolini Cooperazione Internazionale
in collaborazione con Cattedre UNESCO Università degli Studi di Bergamo e Brescia, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Calling for Ministries of Peace all around the world: side event in occasion of the 2018 International Day of Peace (21 September 2018)
Lancio dell'Observatoire de la diversité et des droits culturels di Friburgo.
Progetto Paideia "I diritti dell'uomo e le loro applicazioni"
Progetto triennale di cooperazione Sud-Sud «Educazione e lavoro sociale in Tanzania e in Cambogia» (2017-2019)
Programma di ricerca sull'etica della cooperazione internazionale
Pubblicazione del saggio di Omar Ndiaye Malédiction de Cham, source d'ancrage de la négrophobie
Pubblicazione del volume Souveraineté et coopérations: Guide pour fonder toute gouvernance démocratique sur l'interdépendance des droits de l'homme, Patrice Meyer-Bisch, Stefania Gandolfi, Greta Balliu (éds.)
Pubblicazioni Cattedra UNESCO
Rapporto delle attività della Cattedra UNESCO
Rapporto UNESCO: Rethinking Education: Towards a Global Common Good?
Un approccio basato sulle libertà negli Obiettivi di sviluppo sostenibile -
Volantino Cattedra UNESCO

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