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Ph.D. in Intercultural Humanistic Studies

Area bacheca: 1363

PhD program on Intercultural Humanistic Studies
Co-ordinator: prof. Alessandra Violi
e-mail: umaninter@unibg.it



The Doctorate in Intercultural Humanistic Studies is an innovative programme of preparation for research designed to bring together high-level specialisation in specific sectors of the humanities with the need, promoted Europe-wide and internationally, for dialogue among disciplines and cultures. Extending the long and prestigious activity of the humanistic PhDs that were already activated at Bergamo University (doctorates in Textual Analysis and Theory, Euro-American Literature, and Sciences of International Cooperation), the Doctorate in Intercultural Humanistic Studies is articulated into disciplinary areas associated with professional outcomes of high-level specialisation in the following fields:

  • Comparative and cultural studies
  • Artistic, literary and performance production
  • Historico-scientific and philosophical disciplines
  • Interculture and international cooperation

With these in view, the Doctorate offers training in four curricula:

  1. Euro-American and Postcolonial Cultures
  2. Theory and Analysis of Artistic and Literary Processes
  3. History of the Sciences, Philosophies and Cultures
  4. Interculture and International Cooperation

As a meeting point for joint activities of preparation and research, the teaching programme of the Doctorate also develops an interdisciplinary course of study that cuts across the curricula with a view to enhancing the transferability of sectorial knowledge and integrated research. The aim is to create profiles of researchers and experts in advanced research and in the specialised professions of cultural mediation, of the conservation, transmission and valorisation of the artistic and documentary heritage, of the technological and informatic management of cultural goods, of communication, of information and of specialist publishing.


The Doctorate in Intercultural Humanistic Studies maintains research collaborations with the following international institutions and networks: