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Education, diversity and social cohesion in the Western Mediterranean (2007-2009)

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The main question of the project Education, diversity and social cohesion in the Western Mediterranean is very linked with the way how the current societies are in relation with "original and considerable issues linked with national identities, memory, citizenship sense and common future". The different manners of knowledge, values, skills, attitudes and behaviours recalling these considerable issues, promote human dignity and diversity protection and reflect the changeable social cohesion approach. These manners concern different prescribing fields of knowledge as social sciences, civil education, religion, history, literature. The research team made a critical analysis based on a "common language" in order to clarify the concept of social cohesion and to define how education can reinforce or weaken it.
The aim project was to deep these issues:

  • Which are the main challenges concerning social cohesion in the Western Mediterranean?
  • Which is the education impact on different aspects of social cohesion?
  • How do Western Mediterranean educators define nowadays social cohesion?
  • How can education promote social cohesion or accentuate divisions and conflicts facing cultural diversity?

In order to reach these objectives it is necessary to define a framework for making critical analysis and a dialogue - between researchers and educational experts of following Countries of the Western Mediterranean: Algeria, Spain, France, Italy, Morocco and Tunisia - about issues concerning the links among education, diversity and social cohesion.

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Education, diversité et cohésion sociale 2010

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