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CAV - Centre for Visual Arts

Area bacheca: 1188

CAV - Centro arti visive
E-mail: centroartivisive@unibg.it
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Director: prof. Giovanni Carlo Federico Villa

Administration: via Salvecchio 19 - 24129 Bergamo (Cittą alta) - fax +39 035 2052221
Operational headquarters: via Donizetti 3 (Casa dell'Arciprete) - 24129 Bergamo (Cittą alta) - tel. +39 035 2052297 / +39 035 2052294 - fax +39 035 2052278

Website: www.unibg.it/cav

The Centre for Visual Arts maintains a catalogue of cultural artefacts, especially paintings and photographs, intended as a sort of encyclopaedia of shared images connected with literature.
Alongside this main activity the Centre is developing a multi-media and television laboratory with the aims of studying and creating screenplays, analysing film scripts and texts, creating photographic images and providing training in the use of multi-media tools.

The research activities focus on three main areas:
  • Digital cataloguing of Cultural Heritage
  • Critical analysis of visual culture
  • Multimedia Lab workshops

Executive Board