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COGES - Centre on Innovation and Knowledge Management

I4BIO Project

Area bacheca: 245&

The innovation management deals with the acquisition and systematization of technical knowledge. Knowing these methodologies allows the designer to analyze the technical problem and to identify innovative functional solutions. Moving from functional solutions to the product realization requires the adoption of Computer Aided Engineering techniques. These techniques are based on numerical models and are useful both to reduce the time between the design and the manufacture of the product and to optimize materials usage and manufacturing processes.
The Project I4BIO Innovation for Bioengineering, carried out at COGES, center falls in this area. Its main goal is to reunite various and complementary scientific skills in a single container to face and solve Bioengineering problems as well as to be a reference point for research, training and services in considered thematic areas.


September 2008 - August 2009

Funded by

Fondazione CARIPLO


  • Professors/Researchers
    Andrea Bottani
    Fabio Marazzi
    Andrea Remuzzi
    Daniele Regazzoni
    Caterina Rizzi
    Davide Russo

  • Researcher Assistants
    Stella Gabbiadini
    Maria Grazia Madaschi
    Tiziano Montecchi
    Anna Rita Terinoni
Research Areas
a) Medical Imaging - 3D Reconstruction, CFD-Computational Fluid Dynamic Computation - Coordinator Prof. Andrea Remuzzi
b) Tissue Engineering for Regenerative Medicine - Coordinator Prof. Andrea Remuzzi
c) New Design Paradigm and ICT Tools for Lower Limb Prostheses - Coordinator Prof. Caterina Rizzi
d) Tools for Problem Solving, Systematic Innovation and Management of Intellectual Property - Coordinator Prof. Caterina Rizzi

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