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COGES - Centre on Innovation and Knowledge Management

COGES - Centro per l'innovazione e la gestione della conoscenza
E-mail: coges@unibg.it

Promoters: Dept. of Letters, Philosophy, Communication and Dept. of Management, Information and Production Engineering
Administrative Office: c/o Dept. of Letters, Philosophy, Communication

Director: Caterina Rizzi
Committee: Andrea Bottani, Daniele Regazzoni, Davide Russo, Alessandra Violi
Secretary: Claudia Licini


The innovation management and technical knowledge are very actual themes for both the industrial and research fields; in fact, intellectual property is one of the main sources for innovation.
Given the industrial interest and variety of required skills, COGES centre proposes to gather different competences and skills to develop and/or to integrate new methodologies as support of technological innovation and intellectual property management.
Main objectives of the COGES centre are:
  • To enhance research and training about intellectual property management and systematic innovation with reference to different industrial sectors

  • To integrate methodologies used in various cultural contexts with reference to knowledge management and systematic innovation
  • To promote and support technological transfer and dissemination of knowledge about technological innovation available within scientific institutions and service centers towards industries, especially PMI.

Thematic areas

Methods and technologies related to:
  • Valorisation of enterprise knowledge, especially technological one

  • Acquisition, modeling and formalization of technical and legal knowledge

  • Sharing and integration of knowledge (modeling techniques, functional analysis techniques and numerical techniques for product virtual prototyping)

  • Systematic innovation (e.g., TRIZ and GTI Theory)

  • Monitoring of technology evolution for a particular sector or product

  • Data Mining and Information Retrieval for technological forecasting

  • Standardization of information on the web.
Considered and developed methodologies are transversal and do not depend on the specific industrial sector. COGES promoters would like to verify paradigms and methodologies in various industrial and research fields to enable their exhaustive evaluation and dissemination in different application and industrial contexts.