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on Consumption, Networks and Practices of Sustainable Economies


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Osservatorio CORES

Osservatorio CORES
su consumi, reti e pratiche di economie sostenibili

on Consumption, Networks and Practices of Sustainable Economies

e-mail: cores@unibg.it

CORES is an interdisciplinary research group whose aim is to investigate the mechanism and processes behind the contemporary rise and growth of a wide range of economic practices. Examples might be solidarity purchasing groups, socially responsible investment, social enterprise, alternative money, alternative economies, fair trade, microfinance, and other innovative experiments such as new consumers-producers cooperatives, local savings groups, time banks and LETS etc. These types of practices are often developed at the grassroots level as a way to re-embed the economic system into social relations, and thus reorganize economic life on the basis of human and social needs.

Officially established in early 2012, the group currently has three interrelated themes that guide and organize its activity:

  1. Sustainable Consumer Behaviors and Lifestyles
  2. How practices of co-production and innovative social network models favor sustainable livelihoods and agricultural production and distribution
  3. What makes individuals, groups or organizations (both profit and non-profit) more prone towards socially responsible investment (SRI) and sustainable economic practices?

Each of these themes has a number of research projects, several of which are externally funded. The group is also responsible for a national project on Alternative Agri-Food Networks in Italy (GAS: groups of solidarity purchase and RES: networks of solidarity-based economy). These networks could display co-production practices and innovative social network models that may favor sustainable livelihoods, agricultural production and distribution, through the support of local communities.

Avvisi e documenti / News and DocumentsPublication
Fondatrici dell'Osservatorio CORES27/08/2011
Gruppo di ricerca28/08/2011
Collaboratori - Partners28/08/2011
Click here to go to CoresNet complete list of new research and publications 14/07/2017

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