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CRiLeF - Research Centre on Linguistics and Philology

CRiLeF - Centro di ricerca in Linguistica e Filologia

Co-ordinator: Prof. Pierluigi Cuzzolin
web: www.unibg.it/crilef

The Research Center for Linguistics and Philology (CRiLeF) has been established in 2012 and has been conceived as a Center specifically devoted to the study of natural languages - above all European ones - and to the investigation of their philological tradition.
The Research Center for Linguistics and Philology carries and promotes research activity in theoretical, applied and historical linguistics in close connection with relevant philological studies in these domains.
CRiLeF is a member of LingNet Europe: lingnet-europe.org
The Research Center publishes the journal Linguistica e Filologia.

Pierluigi Cuzzolin

Vice Co-ordinator
Maria Chiara Pesenti

Members of the Research Center
Roberta Bassi
Mario Bensi
Giuliano Bernini
Maria Grazia Cammarota
Chiara Fedriani
Chiara Ghezzi
Maria Gottardo
Roberta Grassi
Federica Guerini
Monia Mezzetti
Piera Molinelli
Andrea Trovesi
Ada Valentini
Federica Venier