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CRiLeF - Research Group on Linguistics and Philology


Area bacheca: 1442

The Research Center publishes the journal Linguistica e Filologia twice a year.

The Series of the Center, Biblioteca del centro di linguistica e filologia (Library of the Center for Linguistics and Philology) publishes monographs, conference proceedings and collected volumes produced within the scientific activity of the Center or in collaboration with it.

Volumi / Volumes
Cuzzolin, Pierluigi; Fedriani, Chiara e Molinelli, Piera (a cura di)
Latin vulgaire - Latin tardif X. Actes du Xe colloque international sur le latin vulgaire et tardif [di prossima pubblicazione]

Cuzzolin, Pierluigi; Fedriani, Chiara and Molinelli, Piera (Eds.) [forthcoming]
Guerini, Federica [di prossima pubblicazione]

Guerini, Federica [forthcoming]

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