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The recent History of the CSEAR Italian Office

As mentioned above, the constitution of CSEAR Italy was the culmination of a long process of dialogue, initiatives and events organized by Italian CSEAR Members since the first CSEAR Italian Conference held in Bergamo in 2006. With regard to this, the first Italian conference, organized by Massimo Contrafatto and Gianfranco Rusconi, represented an important and significant event for the constitution and future development of CSEAR Italy for at least three reasons.

First, the conference was the first formal public event, through which the Italian CSEAR gained visibility. CSEAR Italy was recognized, nationally and internationally, as a reality in the context of issues relating to social accounting and accountability.

Second, the first CSEAR conference provided for many scholars the first formal opportunity for networking, meeting and discussion. The conference acted as a structured meeting point between people, ideas, passions and projects.

Third, the conference served as a forerunner to the organization of the next CSEAR Italy conferences, which have been successfully organized since then, respectively at the University of Rimini (2008), Catania (2010), Trento (2012) and more recently Padova (2014).

Thanks to these events organized with passion and enthusiasm by many colleagues from the Universities of Bergamo, Rimini, Catania, Trento and Padova the CSEAR community and issues related to social accounting and accountability have spread, established and been consolidated. Moreover, it was through these events that Italian scholars, who are interested in these issues, had the opportunity to confront and discuss ideas and opportunities to formally set up the CSEAR Italy Office. The idea of the constitution of the CSEAR Italia Office has gradually developed over the past few years. However, an important event was a specific meeting to discuss the future of CSEAR in Italy, held at the end of the IV Italian CSEAR Conference held in Levico Terme (Trento) in September 2012. This meeting represented the start of the process to set up CSEAR Italy. In particular, during the meeting it became necessary to adopt concrete actions for the constitution, through a participatory process, of the Italian CSEAR Office.


The CSEAR Italian Office is based at the University of Bergamo and is coordinated by Massimo Contrafatto (University of Bergamo, massimo.contrafatto@unibg.it) and Ericka Costa (University of Trento, ericka.costa@unitn.it).

The CSEAR Italian Office does not operate as a formally recognized association, however it remains strongly tied and secured to the international CSEAR, which therefore remains the only legal entity to which annual membership is paid.