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Lelio Pagani

Area bacheca: 1191

LELIO PAGANI in Professor Juanita Schiavini's memory

Lelio Pagani (Castelli Calepio, 28.9.1943 - Bergamo, 22.1.2006) has been one of the of the most intelligent, active and generous protagonist of Bergamo's culture in the last fifty years.
He set up his career as teacher (first in High Schools, then University, but he was also involved in many refresher and training courses), in academic research (in several branches of Geographic Studies), in institutions (town and county chairman, president of Parco dei Colli and Ateneo di Scienze, Lettere e Arti, Director of Bergamo University's Department of Arts, Fine-Arts and Multimedia).
In an era of great changes across the territory, he was able to analyze clearly the emerging problems and to propose new kinds of cooperation between research and institutions.
He always marked his project with his own style, made of rigour, loyalty, mutual respect, absolute indifference to power and money, service-spirit and steady dialogue.
In 2001 he was co-founder of Centro Studi sul Territorio with Professor Alberto Castoldi, and he hold the role of Director until his premature death: their target was to provide the University with a research organization ready to deal with all the issues involved in landscape, environment, planning, development and regeneration of compromised areas, giving answer to the needs of institutions governing territory.
The Centre positions itself as an attentive interlocutor for agencies involved in defending and developing of the Bergamo land that Pagani really loved.

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