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CYFE - Center for Young and Family Enterprise

Entrepreneurship Week

Area bacheca: 1187

web: www.unibg.it/entrepreneurshipweek

A number of events on entrepreneurship, innovation, and family business.
A unique gathering of academics, policy makers and practitioners, debating on how research can grow and inform practices.
An exchange of experiences between scholars from different regions and countries.

The events are free upon registration.

News and Documents
Young Researchers Workshop on Innovation and Family Business, June 22nd, Room 4, Ed. A, Faculty of Engineering
Workshop La relazione terapeutica nella pratica medica e nelle policies sanitarie: prospettive psicologiche e giuridiche a confronto
Bergamo, 19th June 2012, Sala conferenze Sant'Agostino
Workshop Driving innovation - Challenges for US and Europe: Policy, Research and Practices
Bergamo, 18th June 2012, Room 5 Sant'Agostino
Entrepreneurship Week - University of Bergamo - June 18th-23rd 2012
Detailed schedule

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