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CYFE - Center for Young and Family Enterprise

Area bacheca: 1005

CYFE - Centro per la Nuova Imprenditorialitą
Address: viale Marconi 5 24044 - Dalmine (BG)
E-mail: cyfe@unibg.it

Director: Prof. Tommaso Minola

Facebook: facebook.com/cyfe.unibg
Twitter: twitter.com/CYFE_unibg
TouTube: www.youtube.com/user/CYFEunibg
Linkedin: it.linkedin.com/company/cyfe.unibg

Administration: Departments of Engineering - viale Marconi 5 - 24044 Dalmine (BG)
tel. +39 035 2052447 (Flora Drago) - fax +39 035 2052054

Executive Board:
  • Prof. Lucio Cassia, President
  • prof. Tommaso Minola, Director
  • prof. Vincenzo De Stasio
  • prof. Flaminia Nicora
  • prof. Federica Origo, Vice-Director
  • Prof. Stefano Tomelleri
Scientific Commitee:
  • prof. Frank Hoy, President
  • prof. Howard Aldrich
  • prof. Anita Van Gils
  • prof. Mattias Nordqvist
Research Group:
  • Prof. Lucio Cassia
  • Prof. Daphne Halkias
  • Prof. Tommaso Minola
  • Prof. Silvana Signori
  • Prof. Stefano Tomelleri
  • Giovanna Campopiano, Ph.D. student
  • Josip Kotlar, Ph.D. student


Fostering excellent research activities on young and family enterprise, with factual implications on the community.


The CYFE - Center for Young and Family Enterprise aims at performing research activities on family business and young entrepreneurship in a way that will be both rigorous and relevant, in order to directly connect the academic world with entrepreneurs and practitioners.
The main objective of CYFE is to investigate the phenomenon of family business and young entrepreneurship, conducting international research activities leading to:

  • Internationalization, cooperation with foreign Universities and Visiting Scholars & Professors
  • Cooperation with Science & Technology Parks
  • Scientific Production, International top level publications (papers and books)
  • National and International Conferences and Presentation
  • Entrepreneurial observatories

CYFE initiatives and activities pertain to the thematic areas related to the entrepreneurial phenomenon, that requires multi-disciplinary and systemic approaches.
The advancement of scientific knowledge within the spectrum of activities of CYFE will therefore leverage on competences from different and complementary disciplines, and will benefit from the synergies with Science and Technology Parks (e.g. Kilometro Rosso).

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