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Department of Management, Information and Production Engineering

Working papers

Members of the Departement of Engineering publish working papers and technical reports in the Quaderni del Dipartimento Series to disclosure their research findings. The aim is to spread these preliminary version papers in order to get comments and suggestions by the academic community and experts of the investigated topic.

Economics and Technology Management

  • Publication of papers is allowed to all members of the Department. The authors are advised to pay attention to the standardization criteria below
  • Authors' information

Information Technology and Mathematical Methods

  • Publications are split in three Series:
    • Economics and Management (fino al 2006)
    • Information Technology
    • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Publication of submitted papers is approved by an Editorial Board, composed by Luca Brandolini, Alessandro FassÚ, Ilia Negri, and Stefano Paraboschi
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Working Papers are available on-line on Aisberg: