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INTAS Summer school

Nonlinear analysis with applications in Economics, Energy and Transportation

5 - 9 June 2006

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• Committees

International scientific advisory committee:
  • I.V. Konnov (University of Kazan, Russia)
  • S. Schaible (University of California, Riverside USA)
  • R. Cambini (University of Pisa, Italy)
  • Y. Smeers (University of Louvain, Belgium)
  • E. Allevi (University of Brescia, Italy)
  • A. Gnudi (University of Bergamo, Italy)
  • M.I. Bertocchi (University of Bergamo, Italy)
  • A. Galantai (University of Miskolc, Hungary)
  • S. Praskova (Charles University of Prague, Czech Republic)

Organising committee:
  • M.I. Bertocchi
  • I.V. Konnov
  • E. Allevi
  • A. Gnudi

• Aims

This summer school aims at providing an overview of recent developments in nonlinear analysis. It covers the following topics: nonlinear optimisation problems, variational inequalities, complementarity problems, equilibrium problems, duality.

Nonlinear Analysis, with applications in Economics, Energy, Finance and Transportation is concerned, as the title stresses, with four major activities. The communications will be devoted to present problems in all areas of theory, methods and applications of nonlinear analysis.

This summer school is devoted to methodology modeling and computational aspects. It is structured in the following way:

  • Day 1 - Variational inequalities and their application to economics equilibrium problems
  • Day 2 - Variational inequalities and their application to transportation problems
  • Day 3 - Duality and economic applications
  • Day 4 - Complementarity Problems with applications to Energy Markets
  • Day 5 - Computational aspects

The program will contain in the morning longer lectures by senior researchers and workshops given by young rearchers in the afternooon.

The language of the school will be English.

Selected participants will have a chance to present their research as 20 minute workshop presentations. Selection will be made on the basis of abstracts sent by applicants.

The selection of young researchers (age limit 35) will be made on the basis of their scientific achievements and also with respect to some balance of countries. We expect to get young researchers from all over Europe. The number total number is limited to 25.

A special volume for this summer school will be edited by the local organizers plus members of the scientific committee.

• Speakers

The following is a tentative list of speakers who have already committed themselves to participate in the workshop. This list will be appropriately updated.

 Senior Speakers  Institution  Country
 BARBAGALLO A.  Università di Catania  Italy
 BRONSHTEIN E.  Ufa Stae Aviational Technical University  Russia
 CAMBINI R.  Università di Pisa  Italy
 COJOCARU M.G.  University of Guelph  Canada
 FACCHINEI F.  Università di Roma "La Sapienza"  Italy
 KONNOV I.V.  University of Kazan  Russia
 LAPIN A.  University of Kazan  Russia
 MARTINEZ-LEGAZ J.E.  Univ. Autonoma de Barcelona  Spain
 MAUGERI A.  Università di Catania  Italy
 PAPPALARDO M.  Università di Pisa  Italy
 PENOT J.P.  Université de Pau  France
 SCHAIBLE S.  University of California Riverside Campus  USA
 SMEERS Y.  University of Louvain  Belgium

• Program

• Organization

Schedule June 5-9, 2006

Department of Mathematics, Statistics, Computing and Applications
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
University of Bergamo
via dei Caniana 2
24127 Bergamo, Italy
Tel. +39-035-2052564/517
Email: intas06@unibg.it
URL: www.unibg.it/dmsia

Accommodation Place

Seminario Giovanni XXIII
via Arena 11 - 24129 Bergamo
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Important Dates  May 20, 2006: Application deadline (for young researchers)

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