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Partnerships [up to Round XXVIII]

PhDs offered (up to Round XXVIII) at other Universities for which the University of Bergamo is co-partner:

PhDs - Research Doctorates Contacts Universities
Anthropology of the Contemporary prof. Davide Torsello Bicocca University - Milan
Applied Mechanics prof. Riccardo Riva Brescia University
Applied Sociology and Methodology of the Social Search prof. Marco Marzano Bicocca University - Milan
Chemical, Materials and Mechanical Engineering (Doctoral School in Industrial Engineering) prof.ssa Caterina Rizzi
prof. Giuseppe Pellegrini
Padua University
Civil Procedure Law (Doctoral School in Law) prof.ssa Mariacarla Giorgetti Milano University
Criminal Law prof. Pietro Semeraro Bologna University
Development Geography prof.ssa Emanuela Casti "L'Orientale" University - Naples
Engineering of Civil and Mechanical Systems prof. Paolo Riva Trento University
Engineering Studies prof. Sergio Baragetti Ferrara University
Financial Markets and Intermediaries prof. Mario Masini "Sacro Cuore" University - Milan
Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures prof. Ugo Persi Pisa University
Humanistic Studies. Tradition and Innovation (Doctoral School) prof.ssa Anna Maria Testaverde "Sacro Cuore" University - Milan
Human Sciences (Doctoral School) prof. Giovanni Garofalo Trieste University
International Law, and Private and Employment Law (Doctoral School) prof. Maurizio Sala Chiri
prof. Roberto Pucella
Padua University
Law and Economics of Productive Systems, Transport and Logistics prof. Silvio Busti Udine University
Law and Institutions (Doctoral School in Human and Social Sciences) prof. Massimo Andreis
prof.ssa Cristina Costantini
Turin University
Linguistics prof. Giuliano Bernini Pavia University
Marketing and Business Management prof.ssa Giovanna Dossena Bicocca University - Milan
Methodological and Applied Statistics prof. Alessandro FassÚ Bicocca University - Milan
Philosophy (Doctoral School in Humanities) prof. Alfredo Paternoster Turin University
Preservation of Architectural Heritage prof. Giulio Mirabella Roberti Milan Polytechnic
Restoration of Historical and Modern Buldings prof. Paolo Riva Brescia University
Statistics prof.ssa Silvia Biffignandi Bicocca University - Milan
The Linguistics of Modern Languages prof. Maurizio Gotti Pisa University
Trade Law prof. Enrico Ginevra
prof. Vincenzo De Stasio
Brescia University