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Professional Development Workshop 2017

Area bacheca: 1046

Cattedra di Economia e gestione delle imprese
referenti: prof. G. Dossena, dott. P.M. Picone

At the 2017 Academy of Management Meeting in Atlanta
a relevant research-oriented initiative will be convened:

Professional Development Workshop
Psychological Foundations of Management 3.0:
Bridging the Macro and Micro Divide on Leadership

Friday, Aug 4th 2017 at 3:30PM - 6:30PM
Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Hanover Hall B
web: www.unibg.it/aom2017 - email: aom2017@unibg.it


  • Pasquale Massimo Picone, University of Bergamo
  • Yi Tang, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Amy Ou, National University of Singapore


  • Murray Barrick, Texas A&M University
  • Albert A. Cannella, Texas A&M University
  • Sucheta Nadkarni, University of Cambridge
  • Ronald F. Piccolo, University of Central Florida


  • Giovanni Battista Dagnino, University of Catania
  • Jason D. Shaw, Hong Kong Polytechnic University


At the AOM Annual Conferences in Vancouver (2015) and Anaheim (2016), the PDWs on Psychological Foundations of Management have met with success. Participants' passionate feedback encouraged us to launch a follow-up PDW proposal 3.0. It aims to intensify research on psychological foundations of management by discussing how differences in attributes across strategic and entrepreneurial leaders affect their strategic decision making and implementation processes, risk taking initiatives, and firm performance.

Studying the consequences of psychological attributes in strategic and entrepreneurial contexts is a relevant issue directly related to the 2017 Academy of Management Meeting Key Theme At the Interface. Our PDW will offer an opportunity for the panel and the audience to focus on two important interface-related issues. The first issue is how micro, psychological factors such as strategic leaders' psychological attributes and processes, are connected to macro, firm outcomes such as strategic actions and firm performance (Kulik, 2017). The second issue is how strategic leaders, often viewed from a macro perspective, manage their interfaces with micro factors such as middle managers, supervisors, and employees, to generate and implement strategic decisions (Sirmon, Hitt, Ireland & Gilbert, 2011).

The PDW is divided in two complimentary parts. In the first part, an invited panel of outstanding scholars will present their recent research and discuss how to join and contribute to a conversation on psychological foundations of management in top journals. The second part of the PDW is designed to facilitate a lively discussion about a set of pre-selected promising research endeavors in a roundtable format.

Target audience and eligibility requirements

The target of Part 1 of the PDW are young, mid-career, and more experiences scholars that show robust interest in conceptually or empirically digging into the psychological foundations of management. Participation to Part 1 is open.

Part 2 of the PDW specifically targets young scholars (e.g., PhD candidates, post-docs, junior faculty) that have investigated (or intend to investigate) the psychological foundations of management and crave to gain specific suggestions for their research, as well as all the scholars who are attracted to approach this emerging topic. Participants are expected to be selected on the basis of submission of their research proposals.

Scholars willing to discuss their research during the roundtables are invited to submit the most recent version of their papers (or, alternatively, a 1000-word extended abstract).

Participants to Part 2 of the PDW will be selected by the organizers: on the relevance and fit of their research with the PDW's aims, as well as on the academic quality and impact of their submissions. Part 2 of the PDW offers space for roughly 25-30 participants. The eligibility and submission requirements are to submit: (1) a bio sketch or a full CV; (2) the most recent version of their research paper or, alternatively, an extended abstract or write-up (of about 1000 words) of the paper that they would like to discuss in the workshop; (3) a cover letter clearly stating the question(s) with which they are struggling with.

The deadline for paper submission is July 1, 2017. Please send your paper to the organizers at this e-mail address aom2017@unibg.it. Accepted papers for roundtables will be notified by July 10, 2017. The PDW organizers intend to design a website dedicated to the PDW.

The team of panelists and speakers will discuss these proposals during the roundtable part of the workshop. In addition, each workshop participant is expected to pledge that he/she will provide a written informal review of the working papers (or extended abstract) of the other participants in his/her roundtable.


For more information about the course please contact Pasquale Massimo Picone: pasqualemassimo.picone@unibg.it

Sponsoring Academy Divisions

  • Business Policy and Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Organizational behavior

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Background of the PDW 1.0 (2015):
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Background of the PDW 2.0 (2016):
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