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Highways: cost and regulation in Europe

Bergamo, November 26th- 27th 2004

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Here you can see the suggested content of country study:

  1. brief history of motorways construction and operation; length of free/ toll motorways.

  2. for each operator of a toll motorway: origin of concession (if concession was acquired for a new construction, terms of tender; otherwise, terms and conditions of privatisation); ownership; length of motorways operated; period of concession; cost of toll/km; increase of tariffs over time; main financial data; tariff adjustment regulation; new investment regulation; regulatory authority; regulation experience.

  3. Total costs (at national level), including taxes, paid annually by users of motorways (or other road transport infrastructures).

  4. Public agency in charge of construction/operation of free motorways. Financial data of such agency (or government department): maintenance costs (total and per km); investment flows. Outsourcing and procurement policies. Is such agency included in the consolidated Public Administration accounts according to Eurostat?

  5. Estimate of overall impact of motorways (and road) sector on the consolidated Public Administration accounts (according to Eurostat). It might be interesting to include such estimate for other transport sectors, such as railways, ports, air travel, if data are easily available.

  6. Prospects for developments in this sector: policies and investments.