Unibg International

Department of Management, Economics and Quantitative Methods


Highways: cost and regulation in Europe

Bergamo, November 26th- 27th 2004

Via dei Caniana 2 (New Town)

Friday November 26        
Room Galeotti. Chiarman Giancarlo Graziola        
08.30 registration        
09.00 introduction and welcome from chair        
09.30 Marco Ponti: Regulatory issues in the transport sector: an overview   Abstract  Presentation  
          Politecnico di Milano        
09.55 Giorgio Ragazzi: Highways: Free or Toll?   Abstract  Presentation  Paper
          Universita' Degli Studi di Bergamo        
10.20 questions and discussion        
10.40 coffee break        
11.00 Two Breakout sessions:        
Session A: Regulation and pricing        
Room Galeotti. Chairman Emilio Gerelli        
11.00 Alain Fayard: Highways in Europe     Presentation Paper
          French Trasport Ministery        
11.25 Pippo Ranci: Applying Price Cap: RAB and Regulatory Accounting         Abstract  Presentation  
          Universita' Cattolica Milano        
11.50 Andreas Kopp: Road Pricing Rules and Income Distribution Effects   Abstract  Presentation  
12.15 Francesc Robuste': Tolls as a Price for Services     Presentation Paper
          Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya        
12.40 questions and discussion        
13.00 lunch        
Session B: Financing        

Room 15. Chairman Giorgio Ragazzi

11.00 Malcom Sawyer: The Experience of Project Financing/PPP in the UK       Paper
          University of Leeds        
11.25 Timo Valila: Investment in Transport Infrastructure   Abstract  Presentation Paper
11.50 Chiara Borgnolo: Motorways Charges in Europe   Abstract  Presentation Paper
          TRT Trasporti e Territorio        
12.15 Massimo Cingolani: Highways Investment and its Financing     Presentation Paper
12.40 questions and discussion        
13.00 lunch        
14.15 Two Breakout sessions:        
Session A: Country studies        
Room 15. Chairman Werner Rothengatter        
14.15 John-Hugh Rees: The Future Development of the Trans     Ppt part 1  
           European Motorway Network     Ppt part 2  
          DG Energy Transport, EU        
14.40 Werner Rothengatter: Germany     Presentation  
15.05 Germa Bel: Spain    Abstract  Presentation Paper
          Universitat de Barcelona        
15.40 questions and discussion        
16.00 coffee break        
16.20 Peter Mackie: United Kingdom     Presentation Paper
          University of Leeds        
16.45 Francesco Gaeta: France     Presentation Paper
          French Transport Ministry        
17.10 Zan Oplotnik: Slovenia    Abstract  Presentation Paper
          Faculty of Economics and Business - Maribor        
17.30 Monika Bak: Poland    Abstract Presentation Paper
          University of Gdansk        
17.50 questions and discussion        
18.10 end of session        
Session B: Regulation and pricing        
Room Galeotti. Chairman Giuseppe Bognetti        
14.15 Massimo Di Domenico: Privatization and Regulation, According to Politicians? Benefits     Presentation  
          Universita' Bocconi        
14.40 Wolfanf Schulz: Micro-economic Effects of Transport Policies   Abstract Presentation Paper
          Institute for Transport Economics at the University of Cologne        
15.05 Fabio Torta: The New Highway Milano Brescia: a Case Study   Abstract    Paper
          TRT Trasporti e Territorio        
15.30 questions and discussion        
15.50 coffee break        
16.10 Nii Amoo Dodoo: A Pavement Damage Based System for Charging Infrastructure   Abstract  Presentation Paper
          University of Newcastle        
16.35 Matteo Galizzi: The Economics of Car-Pooling: A Survey for Europe   Abstract  Presentation Paper
          University of York        
17.00 Luigi Benfratello: Privatization, Regulation and Productivity in the Italian Highways   Abstract  Presentation Paper
          Universit?i Torino        
17.25 Thorsten Beckers: Organizing Operation and Maintenance   Abstract  Presentation Paper
          Berlin University of Technology        
17.50 questions and discussion        
18.10 end of session        

Saturday November 27        
09.00 Two Breakout sessions        
Session A: Country studies        
Room 15. Chairman Werner Rothengatter        
09.00 Svein Braaten: Scandinavian Country     Presentation Paper
          Molde University College        
09.25 Andrea Greco:Italy     Presentation Paper
          Universita' degli Studi di Bergamo        
09.50 Carlos Fernandes: "Portugal"        
          Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa        
10.15 questions and discussion        
10.30 coffee break        
10.50 Rico Maggi: Switzerland   Abstract  Presentation Paper
          Universita' della Svizzera Italiana        
11.15 Gian Carlo Olivetti: New Fast Railways and Interaction with the Existing Highways        
          Universita' di Bolzano        
11.40 questions and discussion        
Session B Aspetti istituzionali in Italia (in lingua italiana)        
Room Galeotti. Chairman Giorgio Ragazzi        
09.00 Marco Brambilla: La spesa pubblica nel settore dei trasporti   Abstract  Presentation Paper
          Politecnico di Milano        
09.25 G. Coco: Le difficolta' della regolazione tariffaria: il caso Autostrade     Presentation  
          Universita' di Bari        
09.50 Francesco De Filippis: Le concessioni di fronte alla Corte dei Conti        
          Corte dei Conti        
10.15 domande e discussione        
10.30 pausa caffe'        
10.50 Massimo Andreis: La regolazione in Italia: aspetti istituzionali        
          Universita' degli Studi di Bergamo        
11.10 Andrea Boitani: Regolazione e concorrenza nei servizi pubblici        
          Universita' Cattolica Milano        
11.30 Marco Ponti: La tariffazione autostradale ottima: aspetti teorici e proposte recenti     Presentation  
          Politecnico Milano        
11.50 domande e discussione        
12.00 Plenary session        
12.00 Summary of country studies by Werner Rothengatter        
12.20 Summary of pricing, financing and regulation by Giorgio Ragazzi        
12.40 questions and discussion        
13.00 conference closes        
updated to 10.21.04        

Others paper not presented in the workshop:

Eoin Reeves, "An Economic Analysis of Public Private Partnerships: The Case of
the Ireland?s National Roads Programme"

University of Limerick