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Diathesis Lab


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International Conference

movement, participation, risk
Bergamo, April 23rd - 24th 2009


First Session: Cartographic Challenges

Second Session: Exposition and Workshops opening

THIERRY JOLIVEAU, Some questions (and hopefully answers) about Participative Mapping and GIS
ALBERTO SUSINI, CHRISTIAN HÜRZELER, ANDREAS SCHÖNENBERGER, ALEXANDRE MASSOT, JESPER HANSEN, Risk mapping of technological risks (chemical, biological and aircraft) by means of GIS RiskRegister, the Geneva Risk and Zurich ChemRisk
ANDRE OUREDNIK, Mapping the diachronic reality of space on 2D

Third Session: Parallel Workshops

Movement Cartography
ALBERTA BIANCHIN, The Ubiquitous Mapping
LUISA CARBONE, The Interoperability of Geographic Information: the CityGML project
ALESSANDRA GHISALBERTI, Mapping a multicultural territory: mobility and networks at the local and global scale
GIANCARLO MACCHI, Population Cartography: methods for the formal representation of demographic dynamics
EDOARDO BORIA, The Dimension of Time in the History of Graphic Representation of Space: from Minard to Hägerstrand
ANDREA MASTURZO, Representing movement in empty and misknown spaces: the Italian cartography of Libyan desert areas during colonial time
Partecipatory Mapping
FRANCA BALLETTI, Etherodox representations of local identity through participation: pictures, maps, scenarios
RICCARDO PALMA, CHIARA OCCELLI, Nowadays stratigraphies. Mapping for the territorial architectural project
ROMAIN LIAGRE, MAGALI NONJON, Is Participatory mapping feasible? Spirit and Usage of cartography in urban development schemes
YANN BERTACCHINI, PIERRE MAUREL, Used of Geographic IC tools to support participatory territorial planning
SYLVIE LARDON, Participation in territorial development projects: the territory as a guide in local development, collective communicative method and governance tool
ALBERTUS HADI PRAMONO, Problems of geographic translation in participatory mapping: a case of West Kalimantan (Indonesia)
PHILIPPE FORET, When the Profession Mystifies: Mapping Climate Change and Societal Collapse in Times of Doubt
LUCIA ZANETTICHINI, Cartography for the time urban project. The case of Bergamo
FEDERICA BURINI, Research methodologies for a participatory mapping in the intercultural dialogue
FRANCESCO FASSI, FEDERICO PRANDI, WebGIS and webmapping: technical aspects for a participate cartography
TAMARA BELLONE, ANTONIO CITTADINO, FRANCESCO FIERMONTE, Participatory mapping. Information sharing on the web
FRED MCGARRY, WebBased Collaborative Geomatics Social Network Services for Cross Scalar Adaptive Management
GEORG GARTNER, MARKUS JOBST, Web Mapping 2.0 as Participatory Mapping
Cartography of Risk
PIERO BOCCARDO, Early Impact Cartographies supporting the management of hazards: the experience of ITHACA
WALTER DAVID, The terrain in Modelling and Simulation (M and S) and the integration with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Command and Control (C2) systems
SUSANA FREIRA, J. MANUEL MENDES, A. OLIVEIRA TAVARES, Natural Hazards and Social Vulnerability Cartography: The Relevance of Scale for Developing Public Policies
GREG ELMES, Communicating Risk: Maps in the decision making process
LORENZ HURNI, MELANIE KUNZ, CHRISTOPHE LIENERT, Interactive access to multidimensional natural process and Hazardrelated geodata by means of cartographic interfaces
ELIANE PROPECK ZIMMERMANN, Cartography of risk situations: from combination to interaction between factors
OLIVIER LOMPO, Risks and environmental conflicts in West Africa


The scientific results of the conference, after a careful selection and a thematic re-assemblage, will be published on the on-line journals Espace-Temps and DATA SCIENCE Journal.

Furthermore, these papers will be collected in the first volume of the collection "Autrement dit: le discours cartographique" published by L'Harmattan Paris.