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World Heritage of Valcamonica

Area bacheca: 1292

Participatory Methodologies for the Development of the Territory and webGIS Cartography for the Governance

The research project has the aim to conduct a spatial analysis of the Media Valle Camonica in Northern Italy in order to reproduce cartographically the cultural resources of the valley, point out the importance of local knowledge and the skills of local communities for a socio-economical valorization.

The research is divided into two main parts:

  1. a participatory analysis of the sides of the valley where rock maps are located, able to retrieve the knowledge of local communities and their socio-economic needs;
  2. a study of the cartographic petroglyphs located within the UNESCO site, creating their digital reproduction to be published online.

It is a duality interrelated since the protection both of the cultural resources and the natural ones, today is the arena in which local communities play their socio-economic future. The different activities will be divided into modular phases producing intermediate results:

  • regarding to the territorial analysis, the activity will be devoted to the study of the valley system in order to understand its evolution over the centuries and the processes of symbolic and practical appropriation of natural resources by local communities
  • for what the second phase is concerned, namely the study of the rock maps in the media Valle Camonica, they will be structured into a database and a cartographic system
  • in the final phase, in addition to promoting on the web the information gathered in the previous steps, an international seminar will be organized in order to spread the knowledge of rock maps and of the cultural resources of the slopes on which they are located.

The research will be carried out in close collaboration with different international research center connected with the Diathesis Lab (www.eidolon.ch), inter-university partnerships and Erasmus exchanges.