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Diathesis Lab

Cartographic Communication and Geography of Movement

Area bacheca: 1293

Comunicazione cartografica

The research investigates the communicative effects of infographic and cartographic tools utilized by media in relation with migratory systems. The analysis is part of an inter-university collaboration with the Research and Study Centre of Osservatorio Carta di Roma.

The research involve to different extent the lab members:

  • DipFAR project 2012 Governance, territory and communication: cartography of mobility (scientific coordinator: prof. Emanuela Casti)
  • Three years research fellowship Migration and communicative systems (research fellow: dott. Alessandra Ghisalberti; scientific coordinator: prof. Emanuela Casti)
  • Mobility scholarship by Fondazione Cariplo 2011 Promoting excellent human capital training scientific exchange with Migration Policy Institute of Washington and City University of New York (dott. Alessandra Ghisalberti)
  • Cartographic laboratory test using GIS, image processing software (Adobe Photoshop CS6), data set management systems (SPSS, Excel 2010) and software for textual and graphic layout (Publisher 2010; Acrobat Professional X).