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Diathesis Lab

RIFO/IT Project

Area bacheca: 1581

Urban Renewal and Soil Restitution

- 1st Phase

The project, conceived on a national scale, has so far made the 1st phase dedicated to Lombardy, creating a database on the location, quantity and quality of brownfield sites and buildings obsolete.

This 1st phase has also allowed us to single out one method ( RIFO ) based on :

  1. identification in the same neighborhood of obsolete and abandoned buildings for moving short range of the tenants;
  2. reconstruction of new buildings while keeping the height of the demolished but increasing the volume , occupying the ground and releasing part of the covered surface to be allocated to green areas;
  3. actions of governance and participation for the recovery of the capital in spatial planning and reconstruction planning.

- 2nd Phase

The 2nd phase in order to leverage spatial analysis in Lombardy , investigating the applicability of the method RIFO.