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Masterplan 'Stabilimento Gres-Bergamo'

Area bacheca: 17&n


Since the construction of the new Ice Palace in the area of the ex-GRESin San Bernardino street in Bergamo by the Italcementi Foundation, the DiathesisLab has created, in collaboration with Mario Cucinella Architects, a Masterplan aimed at revitalizing the south-western perifery of the city, by promoting an integrated regeneration of the entire urban system.

More specifically, during the first phase, aimed at identifying the General Concept of the Masterplan, the DiathesisLab has done:

  • territorial analysis from which to extrapolate the generating elements of the Masterplan, about the urban area where the ex-Gres is and where it is being built the new Ice Palace;
  • define the strategies starting from the concept of "polycentric city" and the reconstruction of the historic urban structure of the south-western perifery of Bergamo;
  • analisy for inclusion of the Masterplan in the mapping system RIFO3d as a platform for the open communication with the stakeholders.