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Administrative Elections 2010

Cartography of Election Results of 28-29 March 2010

Maps related to regional elections, based on data of Lombardy, Piemonte and Lazio, show how the territorial dimension is able to influence political preferences. Indeed, the deformation of areas based on population density, point put the different meaning of vote related to the inhabitants’ number. Moreover, it can be underlined that metropolitan areas are characterized by differentiated political preferences, while extra-urban areas appear rather homogeneous.
Maps at national scale connect the election results with two main political issues (immigration and economic crisis) and show a complex situation that need a deep political analyses. Nevertheless, at first sight, these two social emergencies seem not to be directly related with political preferences.
Cartographic materials are realized by anamorphosis systems..

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Project idea: Emanuela Casti, Federica Burini, Alessandra Ghisalberti
Data collection: Samantha Filippone, Ileana Villa
Graphic processing: Sara Belotti

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Italian Regions






Immigration 1

Immigration 2


Employment 1

Employment 2

Bergamo district

Bergamo district