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Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Practices
Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Practices
2nd edition - University of Bergamo - 23rd-24th October 2014



via Borgo Santa Caterina 13, 24124 Bergamo

Today, school is becoming a rapidly changing learning environment. Thinking about students as a homogeneous population is no longer allowed, as diversity - in terms of culture, language, gender, family organization, learning styles and so on - has emerged as a key challenge for education today.
The debate on Special Educational Needs largely reflects this challenge, as working in school implies careful reconsideration of what we mean by "normal" and "special". Current educational intervention is generally based on a deficit and "within-child" model of facing SEN, whereas very little attention is given to the role of learning environment. The focus is on the child more than on the whole class, and on cognition and technical provisions more than on affective, sociocultural and community dimensions of learning. However, we should always remember that students are not "problems to be fixed": they are the solution. Regarding students and their needs as "hidden voices" allows us to adopt a transformative approach which sees diversity as a stimulus for the development of educational practices that might benefit all children and help school to become an inclusive and "moving" organization.
The aim of the conference is to provide a platform for fostering dialogue and good practices among stakeholders and decision makers involved in inclusive education, through the contribution of international scholars. Conference will also host the presentation of the new Italian edition of the Index for Inclusion as a special event.