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Cost of living

A recent survey estimated that a student needs between € 500.00 and € 800.00 per month to pay for board and lodgings, books and materials and other costs.

  • The EURO is the official currency in Italy
  • There are no limits on the amount of foreign currency that can be brought into the country
  • Foreign Currency Exchange in banks (Monday to Friday, 8.30 a.m. - 1.30 p.m. and 2.45 p.m. - 3.45 p.m.)
  • Credit cards: widely accepted in restaurants, hotels, railway stations and shops. VISA is the most useful.

Students are advised to bring with them a sufficient amount of cash or travellers' cheques to cover their immediate expenses, bearing in mind that transferring money to Italy from abroad can take some time. The fastest and safest method is by post which will take about 5 days to arrive.

List of inexpensive hotels and hostels (approximate costs)
S. GIORGIO - via S. Giorgio 10 (tel: + 39 035 212043) (Room only)
single room (with bath) € 55.00
single room (without bath) € 35.00
double room (with bath) € 70.00
3-bed room (with bath) € 85.00
4-bed room (with bath) € 105.00
CONVITTO CITTADINI - via Rocca 10 (Cittΰ Alta) (tel.: +39 035 243911)
single rooms or double rooms, bed and breakfast from € 25.00 to € 35.00
YOUTH HOSTEL (Nuovo Ostello della Gioventω) - via Ferraris 1 (Monterosso district) (tel.: +39 035 361724)
*Prices are per person per night including breakfast
single room with bath € 35.00*
double room with bath € 25.00*
family or group room € 18.00*
meals € 11.00
CENTRALHOSTELBG - via Ghislanzoni 30 (Cittΰ Bassa) (tel.: + 39 035 211359)
*Prices are per person per night including breakfast
single room with bath from € 35,00*
double room with bath from € 27,50*
3-bed / 4-bed room from € 25,00*
PATRONATO S. VINCENZO - via Madonna dei Campi (Sorisole) (tel.: + 39 035 571548)
14 single rooms available to male students only. Rooms have ensuite bathrooms and are rented at € 350.00 per month, including breakfast and either lunch or dinner


The University has a good canteen, where ERASMUS students receive a 32% discount on meals. There are also plenty of snack-bars, pizza restaurants and take-away pizza shops in the area around the University.

Public Transport

ATB bus services ATB (www.atb.bergamo.it): cover the city and the suburbs. A single ticket, which is valid for 75 minutes, costs € 1.20; a carnet of 10 tickets costs € 10.50. Also available at convenient prices are monthly bus passes.
N.B.: Single and season-tickets must be bought before boarding buses at the ATB ticket-offices in largo Porta Nuova or at the railway station, in piazzale Marconi, at newspaper kiosks or tabaccherie (tobacconists').


Taxis are quite expensive in Bergamo, although fares obviously vary according to distance, journey time and the various supplementi (extra charges at night, on Sundays and national holidays, to and from the airport).


Average costs are about € 200.00 per Semester. Most books can be bought second-hand.


It is less expensive to buy basics (food, toiletries and clothes) in chain stores or supermarkets (such as Oviesse, Upim, GS, Auchan, Esselunga, etc.) than in small shops.

Cinema, Theatre, Concerts

Cinema: a cinema ticket costs € 7.50 (which is reduced to € 6.00 on Wednesdays in many cinemas). Films in English are shown at the Capitol Cinema.
Theatre and concerts: tickets cost on average from € 16.00 to € 25.00. Some associations offer discounts for students. For further information, check www.corriere.it/vivimilano
Milan, 50 kilometres away, offers a wide range of events. For further information, check www.ecodibergamo.it > tempo libero or www.corriere.it/vivimilano