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Medical services


The National Health Service

The National Health Service (SSN) is authorised by the Ministry of Health to organise all health services and guarantee medical assistance, information and prevention from illness. The Service covers public services and some private services authorised by the public system. It is a State system, managed on a Regional basis (thus giving rise to differences from Region to Region in certain levels of service), and includes many specialist hospitals (dermatology, ophthalmic, etc.).
EU students are entitled to use the Italian National Health Service, providing they have with them their European Health Insurance Card.
Non-EU students must pay € 149.77 through a Postal Account (No. 379222) payable to: Amministrazione P.T. Regione Lombardia, noting on the payment slip under "causale" (reason for payment): iscrizione volontaria al SSN.
Students are then requested to go to the ASL (see address below) with the following documents:

  • receipt of payment
  • Residence Permit or the post-office receipt of the application for the Permit
  • certificate of enrolment from the University
  • Italian social security number (codice fiscale) (info at the International Relations Office).
A.S.L. - Azienda Sanitaria Locale della Provincia di Bergamo
via Borgo Palazzo 130
tel. +39 035 2270325
Opening Hours: Mon. to Fri. from 8.30 to 13.00, and from Mon. to Thurs. from 14.00 to 16.00.

Medical Emergencies and 118

The toll-free number 118 gives 24 hour access to emergency medical assistance throughout Italy. If the patient requires transport to a hospital, the Ambulance or Helicopter Ambulance is sent. If the patient does not require transport to a hospital, the First Aid Service (Servizio di continuità assistenziale) is sent.
The emergency number is also in contact with mobile units, hospitals and other services which intervene in emergencies (Police, Fire Brigade, Emergency Services etc.).

Useful References:
  • Medical Emergency in Italy: www.118italia.net - Describes the Emergency Health Services and the 118 Operational Centres in Italy: Ambulances, First Aid Cars and Motorcycles, Helicopter Ambulances, Rescue Helicopters

Hospital – Emergency Unit

All major hospitals have an Emergency Unit which is free and guaranteed to all Italian citizens. Foreigners from EU countries can also be treated free of charge if they have the European Health Insurance Card with them or if they have some other form of Medical Insurance valid in Italy.

Medical Emergency at weekends and out-of-hours

At these times, according to the seriousness of the situation it is possible to:

  • Contact the First Aid Service (Continuità assistenziale) to have a home visit. Each city has a different telephone number which can be found on the first page(s) of the telephone Directory. In Bergamo, the First Aid Service is located at the Red Cross, via Croce Rossa n. 2, tel. + 39 035 4555111
  • Go directly to the Casualty Department of a hospital
  • In emergency call 118 to be put in contact with the Operative Centre which co-ordinates medical assistance from the site of the emergency to hospital admission.


It is a good idea to bring any medicines with you which are important or difficult to find. Not all medicines are freely available in Italy, most require a doctor's prescription, and in many small towns there is only one pharmacy which opens on rotation with those in other nearby towns. However, this same system guarantees an out-of-hours and week-end service in both larger towns and outlying areas. Each pharmacy displays a list of the calendar on their door and in larger towns local daily newspapers publish the roster.

Please consult www.asl.bergamo.it by clicking on Farmacie for opening hours.