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Research Centres

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The UNESCO Chair: Human Rights and the Ethics of International Cooperation, founded in 2004, is a centre for training and research. The activity of Bergamo's Chair lies within the framework of the UNITWIN (University Twinning and Networking) / UNESCO Chairs' program, created by UNESCO in 1992, with the aims of promoting training and research and of encouraging cooperation between universities and the circulation and the integration of knowledge among Countries.

University Research Centres

CAV - Centre for Visual Arts maintains a catalogue of cultural artefacts, especially paintings and photographs, intended as a sort of encyclopedia of shared images connected with literature.

CCSE - CISAlpino Institute for Comparative Studies in Europe is an international, nonprofit and independent institute dedicated to the commercial, social and political relevance of the Cisalpino regions.

CESC - Centre for Socio-economic Dynamics and Cooperation promotes research activities and knowledge spreading on themes concerning socio-economic and normative changes at global, European and territorial level, and their challenges to individuals, households, firms and organizations. CESC hosts the sub-units CASI - Centre for Statistical Analyses and Survey Interviewing, FinDev - Research Group Finance and Development, CORES Lab on Consumption, Networks and Practices of Sustainable Economies.

CST - "Lelio Pagani" Centre for Territorial Studies provides data and knowledge about the territory and to its benefit; CST performs a constant monitoring of regional matters, and gives answers to demands and needs generated by institutions and local authorities. CST hosts: Diathesis Lab and Tourism Lab.

CYFE - Center for Young and Family Enterprise aims to foster excellent research activities on young and family enterprise, with factual implications on the community.

GITT - Centre on Innovation Management and Technology Transfer analyses technologies and processes, and tests products and services with hight innovative contents.

HTH - Human Factors and Technology in Healthcare centre aims to develop knowledge that contributes to improving the nature and accessibility of healthcare and welfare services.

Post-graduate Research Programmes

The SdM - School of Management centre carries out development, research and training in the field of company management.

University Education & Service Centres

CCL - Language Centre is a centre providing services for teaching and learning foreign languages.

CIS - Italian for Foreigners: Research, Training and Education is the result of more than 30 years' experience in providing Italian Courses for Foreigners. Among its various teaching activities the Centre offers courses of Italian Language and Literature for Foreigners according to the learner's initial level of competence; the Centre also develops and organizes international training and exchange programmes.

CQIA - The Academy for Teaching and Learning Quality aims to promote, on its own or through Institutional subjects or Private sectors of the territory, the following activities: study and research; vocational training and professional development for teachers and managers; support, monitoring and evaluation of reform and innovation processes. CQIA hosts MatNet - Centre for the Education on Mathematics and Applications, who aims to develop relationships between schools and universities in the study of teaching methods that promote mathematical thought in both milieu and to promote partnerships among High Schools and University.

CSALIng - Centre Engineering Labs manages the resources of the Laboratories and supports research activities.

Departmental Research Institutes & Groups

CELS - Research Group on Industrial Engineering, Logistics and Services Operations provides studies, researches and technology transfer projects in the fields of Supply Chain Management, Service Chain Management and Industrial Asset Management.

CERLIS - Research Centre on Languages for Specific Purposes aims to promote research in the area of languages for specific purposes both on a synchronic and a diachronic level.

CISAM - International Centre for Studies on the Avant-garde and Modernity is committed to a series of inter-disciplinary research into two grand themes of the Avant-garde and Modernity, in their various manifestations within an artistic and cultural environment.

CRiLeF - Research Centre on Linguistics and Philology has been established in 2012 and has been conceived as a Centre specifically devoted to the study of natural languages - above all European ones - and to the investigation of their philological tradition.

The Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research (CSEAR) is an international scholar network whose aim is to enhance, promote and disseminate research and knowledge in the field of social and environmental accounting. CSEAR Italy is one of the Nation-based satellites.

ELab - Entrepreneurial Lab, Centre for Research on Entrepreneurship takes care of research, training and experiments based around the theme of entrepreneurship. The aim is to study entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship as the fundamental resource around which the working and developing of businesses and economic systems are based.

INdAM UniBg is the Research Unit of the Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica Francesco Severi (INdAM) operating at University of Bergamo

ISHTAR - Indeterministic Sciences and Historico-philosophical Transdisciplinar Advanced Research Centre aims to promote transdisciplinary forms of thought and research useful to investigate the problems of complexity that nature, the world, society, and human beings bring out in different aspects of knowledge and life.

ORA - Research Centre on Time and Its Signs interdisciplinary mission is to investigate both time and its social/representative signs, i.e., the cognitive and symbolic strategies that make time itself a major experience in the creation of social relationships between the self, society and reality.

No more active Centres

CCI - Research Centre on International Cooperation promoted international cooperation through the interaction with different scientific branches of Universities, the network of UNESCO Chairs, international organizations, institutions, political authorities and actors belonging to the civil society. CCI hostes: UNESCO Chair - Human Rights and the Ethics of International Cooperation, CRDN - Research Community Cultures Religions Rights Non-violence and FinDev - Research Group Finance and Development.

CE.R.CO - Research Centre on the Complexity is committed to developing methodology, interdisciplinary contexts and research techniques (audio-visual, multi-media and hypermedia) in the areas of interest.

CeSTIT - Research Center on Tourism Destinations and Heritage Interpretation hosted cultural development, theoretical and applied research, training and consultancy in the areas of tourism, heritage and cultural activities.

ZEBRA - Center of Studies on the Languages of Identities aims to study the ways in which literary writing, but also films and other media texts, express the crisis of the modern and post-modern subject. In this analysis, particular attention will be paid to the notions of difference and gender, that is, to the cultural construction of sexual identities.

COGES - Centre on Innovation and Knowledge Management proposes to gather different competences and skills to develop and/or to integrate new methodologies as support of technological innovation and intellectual property management.