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Student associations

ASAB - Associazione studentesca africana di Bergamo

ASAB - Associazione Studentesca Africana di Bergamo

CLU - Centro laboratori universitą

Address: via Cherubini 13 24044 - Dalmine (BG)

  • President: Vanessa Galati
  • Vice-President: Mirko Agazzi

Comitato Internazionalista Universitą di Bergamo

  • Address: Circolo Operaio di Bergamo - via Zanica 1
  • President: Luca Vicini
  • E-mail: ludlum83@gmail.com

CUT - University Theatrical Association
—> CUT - Centro universitario teatrale

Address: largo Roentgen (Auditorium Circoscrizione 2) 24124 - Bergamo - zona Loreto
E-mail: cutbergamo@gmail.com

CUT BergamoThe University Theatre Association (CUT) organizes acting courses thought in particular for the students of the University of Bergamo.
The association produces continuously stage shows, promotes and participates in theatre festivals around the national territory, and it is always open to collaborate with professors in order to realize educational projects and laboratories, like the successful experiences with the Russian and Spanish language professors and the School of History of Theatre at the University's Department of Letters and Philosophy.
The association keeps in touch with all the members interested in continuing with acting or with the expressive arts taught and periodically replicates its productions during events or theatre festivals around the territory of Bergamo and of the whole country.
Even though our initiatives are advertised and thought for Bergamo University's students, students from other Universities and no students can also participate, because we think that the content of our activities is suitable for any kind of people.
The decision-making and executive body of CUT is the members assembly composed by students of the University of Bergamo and it makes its decisions with absolute majority.
University recognizes CUT through the activities of its cultural commission.

Diversamente informati

  • President:
  • Vice-President:

FUCI Bergamo - Federazione universitaria cattolica italiana

E-mail: fuci.bergamo@alice.it


—> Libera - mente

  • Person in charge:

Other opportunities for Students
—> Ulteriori opportunitą per gli studenti

Students of the University of Bergamo can get a reduced rate on theatre tickets by showing their US Card when booking during show season at Teatro Donizetti in Bergamo. Further information is available at www.unibg.it/uniteatro
As in most Italian Universities, the University of Bergamo does not have official musical ensembles; nevertheless, Bergamo does offer various musical activities. For further information please contact ensemble.variabile@unibg.it