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Study programmes

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Information about the Italian University system: University reform

The main new aspect of the 1999 and 2004 reforms was the introduction of Learning Credits (cfu) as a unit of measuring the student's learning programme. All activities (lectures, tutorials, private study, seminars, laboratory sessions, etc.) are expressed in units of time with the aim of not imposing an excessive workload on the student, thus avoiding the prolonging of the period of study. Before the introduction of the University Reform System, only class attendance was considered, while personal study time was not taken into account.

1 credit (cfu) = 1 ECTS credit = 25 hours of learning

A full-time study programme (class attendance, personal study and placement, where applicable) correspond to 60 cfu/ECTS in one academic year. The number of credits required to be awarded a degree depends on the length of the degree course.
With the 1999 Reform, University study programmes in Italy have been organised as follow:

  • a three-year First Level Degree (Bachelor), aimed at gaining a sufficient knowledge of methods and contents as well as specific professional skills, requires: 180 cfu/ECTS credits = 3 years x 60 cfu/ECTS credits. Following the three-year First Level Degree Programme, one can either:
    • enter the work market
    • attend a two-year second level degree programme
    • attend a post-graduate specialization course (1 year)
    • attend a two- or three-year Diploma of Specialization
    • attend a first level Master degree (1 year).
  • a two-year Second Level Degree (Master), called Laurea magistrale, aimed at giving an advanced level of training necessary for a highly qualified profession in specific fields, is possible only after gaining a First level Degree or other recognised qualification in a foreign country, and requires: 120 cfu/ECTS credits = 2 years x 60 cfu/ECTS credits. Following the two-year Second Level Degree Programme, one can either:
    • enter the work market
    • attend a two-year second level degree programme
    • attend a PhD (two- or three-year programme
    • attend a post-graduate specialization degree (1 year)
    • attend a second level Master degree (1 year).
  • the Laurea magistrale a ciclo unico or five-year Degree Course (integrated Bachelor + Master) in Law provides students with the advanced level of legal training necessary to become a lawyer, notary or judge, embark on a career of hight legal work in socio-economic or political fields. A graduate can gain a career in a public institution, in private companies, both in Italy or internationally. The degree requires: 300 cfu/ECTS credits = 5 years x 60 cfu/ECTS credits. Following the Laurea magistrale, one can either:
    • enter the work market
    • attend a two-year second level degree programme
    • attend a PhD (two- or three-year programme
    • attend a post-graduate specialization degree (1 year)
    • attend a second level Master degree (1 year).


The University of Bergamo, with its six Departments, offers the following First (Bachelor) and Second Level Degree (Master) courses:


Bachelor Master

Foreign Languages, Literatures and Communication Studies

Bachelor Master

Human and Social Sciences

Bachelor Master


Bachelor Integrated (5-year) Bachelor + Master

Letters and Philosophy

Bachelor Master

Management, Economics and Quantitative Methods

Bachelor Master


PhD / Dottorato di ricerca is an academic qualification concerning scientific research and is awarded after three years during which graduates attend training courses and produce a research thesis. Admission to a PhD course is through public competition based on qualifications and exams.

Programs offered (up to Round XXVIII)

The University of Bergamo is also associated Department for many Doctorates offered by other Universities.

University Masters

A vast number of Masters and post-graduate specialization courses is offered. Both first and second level Masters courses promote professional skills and knowledge at an operational level or project-oriented level. The University Masters degree requires the accumulation of at least 60 cfu/ects credits, after completion of a first level or second level degree.
The contents of the University Masters are on the web at www.unibg.it/masterbg.

Courses for Professional Specialization

The one-year postgraduate specilization courses provide continuous vocational training.
The contents of the Post-graduate Courses for Professional Specialization are on the web at www.unibg.it/corsiperf.

Training Courses

International Seminar of Russian Language and Culture

Each year the University's Slavic Language Department Subunit organises the International Seminar of Russian Language and Culture, in collaboration with the TORF-RUDN Centre of Moscow, the University of Tartu, the State University of Moscow (MGU) and the State University of St. Petersburg (SpgGU). The Seminar is an intensive course which runs for two weeks at the end of August, 8 hours daily, and offers:

  1. Basic communication courses for beginners
  2. General courses (all levels)
  3. Specialist courses
  4. Preparatory courses aimed at TRKI-TORFL (Test po russkomu jazyku kak inostrannomu - International certificate of Russian Language).

Certification exams will held at the end of the Seminar.

For further information:

Secretary for the International Seminar of Russian Language - Sezione di Slavistica (Slavic Languages Subunit)
Università degli studi di Bergamo
piazza Rosate 2 - 24129 Bergamo - Italia
tel. +39 035 2052 741/742 - fax +39 035 2052771
e-mail semrusso@unibg.it
web www.unibg.it/russo

Courses of Italian Language and Culture

C.I.S. - Italian for Foreigners - Research, Training and Teaching, is the result of twenty-five years' experience in providing Italian Courses for Foreigners.
Among its various teaching activities CIS offers courses of Italian Language and Literature for Foreigners according to the learner's initial level of competence. The courses organized by the Centre are either intensive (4, 3 or 2 weeks) or non-intensive (15 weeks). CIS also develops and organizes international training and exchange programmes.
In addition to face learning, CIS offers self-study e-learning language activities. The e-learning programs can be combined with intensive or non-intensive courses or with individual tuition through webcam or chat. One of the latest distance learning projects created by CIS is a blended course of Italian culture.
As part of its programme CIS organizes training courses and seminars as well as refresher courses aimed at teachers and which concern the teaching of Italian as a second language. It also offers seminars for teachers of mixed native language classes in both state and private schools and institutes of all kinds and at all levels.
For further information and registration, please contact:

Segreteria CIS
UniversitÓ degli studi di Bergamo
piazza Rosate 2 - 24129 Bergamo - Italia
fax +39 035 2052771
e-mail infocis@unibg.it
web www.unibg.it/cis
office hours: Monday and Wednesday 9 a.m. - 12 a.m.; Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

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Structure of Degree Courses and list of courses

The page Degree courses: Introduction on our Website gives direct access to more detailed information about:

  • 3-year degree (Bachelor), 5-year degree (integrated Bachelor + Master), and 2-year specialist degree (Master) courses
  • Research doctorates [Ph.D.]
  • Masters, Post-graduate courses for professional specialization
  • Summers Programs

At (Degree Courses > Bachelor and Master > Department ... > Subjects) there is a general description of the programme and contents of every course offered by the University just by clicking on the name of the course (if any particular information is not available at any given moment, this means it is being updated):

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