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School of Engineering


School of Engineering
—> Scuola di Ingegneria

Address: viale Marconi 5 24044 - Dalmine (BG)
Tel.: +39 035 2052327 / 334
Fax: +39 035 2052077
E-mail: ingegneria@unibg.it
Staff: contacts

  • Head of Foreign Exchange Programme: Prof. Dorothee Heller (Rector's Delegate for International Relations, Erasmus Co-ordinator)

  • Erasmus Co-ordinator - School of Engineering: Prof. Riccardo Riva
[Three-year first level degree courses]
Curricula Co-ordinators
Building Engineering Prof. Giulio Mirabella Roberti

Computer Engineering Prof. Stefano Paraboschi

Management Engineering • Information & Technology
• Production Management
Prof. Matteo Kalchschmidt

Mechanical Engineering Prof. Marco Savini

Technology Engineering for Health (from a.y. 2015/2016) Prof. Andrea Remuzzi

Entry tests

Students enrolled in the first year of their course are required to have reached a level of proficiency in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
Each year, entry tests are held in September.

Bridging Courses

During the few weeks following Entrance Testing, the Departments of Engineering will organise bridging courses in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, Computer Programming for students whose results show a lack of skills in those subjects.

Foreign Language Tests

The level required by the Departmens of Engineering is the Threshold Level established by the Council of Europe which corresponds to Level B1 of the Framework of Reference. Language skills are tested to verify the student's level at entry. For English, students are tested within the University; more information about Certificazioni riconosciute available in Italian.


Students can also take the relevant on-line self-test.

Master [Two-year second level degree courses] Paths Co-ordinators
Building Engineering • Planning & Design
• Project Management
Prof. Giulio Mirabella Roberti

Computer Engineering • Industrial Informatics
• Mechatronics
• Networked Informations Systems
Prof. Stefano Paraboschi

Management Engineering
(taught in Italian and in English)
• Business and Technology Management
• Business Management
• Industrial Management
• New Textile Technologies and Materials
• Services Enterprises Management
Prof. Matteo Kalchschmidt

Mechanical Engineering • Design
• Energy & Environment
• Mechatronics
• Production
Prof. Marco Savini


A Three-Year First level Degree or equivalent.