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Each exam is given a mark from a pass mark of 18 to a maximum of 30. The maximum final university grade for laureates is 110. For exceptional students, the degree may be awarded cum laude

The highest mark (30/30 cum laude) is possible. Students may refuse to accept a mark awarded if they are not satisfied with the result and may re-sit the exam. The Italian system does not use a compensatory mechanism between courses in the same year. If a student fails an exam in Italy by a very small margin, they are not given 17/30 - they must re-sit the exam in any case. According to Italian law, exams may be oral and/or written, or they may be practical tests, graphic tests, mini-theses, interviews, etc.

Please note that certain courses may be taken under the pass/fail option. Under such registration, the only final grades available to the student are Pass or Fail. This means that if a student receives a PASS mark, the exam is passed, the credits are assigned but no mark appears on the transcript.


Students must enrol for all exams - either written or oral - at the self-service desk, via Internet, choosing the most convenient appello (exam date) within that particular sessione (examination period). If a student fails an exam, they may sit it again by choosing the next available exam date.

Exchange students are required to stay in Bergamo until all exams have been registered. At the end of each study period (no later than end of March for first semester students or end of August for second semester or full year students) the International Office issues the Transcript of Records which is sent to the student's Home University.

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