Unibg International -ELab : Introduction
Unibg International

ELab - Entrepreneurial Lab

Address: via dei Caniana 2 - uff. 114 24127 - Bergamo
Tel.: +39 035 2052849
Fax: +39 035 2052549 / 670
E-mail: e.lab@unibg.it

Director: Prof. Giovanna Dossena
Contacts: giovanna.dossena@unibg.it - cristina.bettinelli@unibg.it

The Entrepreneurial lab aims to develop research, training and experimentation on the topic of entrepreneurship.
The object of studying, research and experimentation activities is the role of the entrepreneur and the entrepreneurship as fundamental resources for the strengthening and the development of the enterprises and of the economic system.
Elab goal is to support:

  • a better understanding of the difficulties related to the birth of new ventures and the role of the entrepreneur throughout the different phases of the enterprise lifecycle
  • interventions aimed to spread the entrepreneurial culture
  • those people that intend to start entrepreneurial ventures or to those that already are entrepreneurs and are introducing development projects
  • the creation of a point of reference for the debate between the University and the world of enterprises and entrepreneurs
  • the realization of research projects in collaboration with private subjects
  • meeting opportunities focused on the theme of entrepreneurship and training initiatives for the entrepreneurial world.

Elab also operates as a business incubator that provides a wide range of services in order to stimulate the connections among new ideas, new firms and the world of the venture capital and business Angels.
Elab activity is articulated into five projects:

  • CEP - Research Division on Entrepreneurial Philanthropy
  • E-Lab - Forwarder, business incubator, in collaboration with KilometroRosso Science and Technology Park
  • IEE - Research Division on Intelligence on Entrepreneurial Enterprises
  • OCRI - Research Division on Company Crisis and Corporate Restructuring
  • OPRI - Research Division on Professional Services.