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Reasearch Group: Finance and Development

Area bacheca: 465&

CESC - Gruppo di ricerca: Finanza e sviluppo
Address: via dei Caniana 2 24127 - Bergamo
Tel.: +39 035 2052624
Fax: +39 035 2052537
E-mail: findev@unibg.it

Director: Prof.ssa Laura Vigaṇ

The Research Group "Finance and Development" aims to analyze the contribution of finance to the economic development, with particular interest in the innovative methodologies of financial intermediation applicable to backgrounds and countries with slow economic growth. In this framework, the microfinance phenomenon is in special considered and studied.

Thanks to a grant provided by the Giordano Dell'Amore Foundation, the group is equipped with a specialized library.

The activities of the group primarily comprise scientific research and the management of the Journal Savings and Development.

The Research Group "Finance and Development", the UNESCO Chair "Human Rights and the Ethics of International Cooperation" and the Research Community "Cultures Religions Rights Non-violence" form the Research Centre on the International Cooperation.

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