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MaSTeR - Material Science and Technology Research Center

Area bacheca: 637&

Coordinator: Prof. Tommaso Pastore

MaSTeR (Materials Science and Technology Research Center), INSTM research unit, works in Dalmine at the Department of Engineering and Applied Science (DISA) in University of Bergamo since 90ies. The research activity focuses on the study of material behavior: the relationship between structure and properties of materials, evaluation of the effect of stress and environmental factors that determine the engineering behavior, methods of study and characterization of the properties.

The group is leader in the field of corrosion of traditional and innovative steels and also active in the study of non-ferrous alloys. In particular the group works on the corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete, on the design of cathodic protection, the study of Environmental Assisted Cracking phenomena. MaSTeR has long-term partnerships with companies in the oil and gas field. The group has recently started research in the Carbon Capture Transport and Storage.

Another research excellence area is the high performance mortars and concrete, able to meet the changing needs of the building sector, giving priority to sustainable development, recycling by-products from other industrial processes. The research focuses on the development of high tech materials satisfying executive and durability requirements, by using special binders, last generation polymeric admixtures, concrete reinforced with nanofibers.

MaSTeR is also working in the field of materials for biomedical applications.

Headquarter: Centro di Servizio di Ateneo Laboratori di Ingegneria (CASALIng), via Galvani 2, 24044, Dalmine(BG)

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