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MaSTeR - Material Science and Technology Research Center

Corrosion and materials for industry

Area bacheca: 290&


  • Corrosion rate (weight loss, electrochemical tests, LPR, potentiodynamic polarization curves, potentiostatic and galvanostatic tests, EIS)
  • Evaluation of the resistance to localized corrosion by pitting e crevice, according to ASTM, ISO and NACE standards and by means of electrochemical tests
  • Tests for evaluating resistance to Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) (constant load and strain and SSR tests)
  • LEFM tests (CT, WOL, DCB)
  • Tests for evaluating crack growth rate by corrosion-fatigue.

Mechanical tests

  • Hardness tests and microhardness tests
  • Tensile tests according to UNI, ISO and ASTM standards
  • Fatigue tests (low and high frequency) under tensile/compressive or tensile loading with defined wave shape (sinusoidal, square wave, triangular, ...) under displacement, strain and load control
  • LEFM tests (evaluation of KIC, da/dN)
  • Elastoplastic Fracture Mechanics tests to study ductile materials (SENB, J/da curve, Jc and crack growth rate).
  • Evaluation of thoughness by Charpy impact test
  • Full scale tests on mechanical components

Main instruments and devices

  • AISI 316L autoclave, 6 liters volume
  • Brinell hardness tester
  • Charpy impact testing machine
  • Conductivimeters
  • Constant load testing machines
  • Electromechanical tensile/compressive testing machine (Galdabini), 50 kN max load
  • Full scale testing devices 1
  • Hydraulic tensile/compressive testing machine (Instron-MTS), 250 kN max load
  • Oxymeter
  • pHmeter
  • Potentiostat-EIS (Solartron)
  • Potentiostats (AMEL)
  • Potentiostats (EG-G)
  • Rockwell hardness tester (Galileo)
  • Rotating electrode (PARR)
  • SSR testing machine, 4 parallel tests (+ Hastelloy autoclave)
  • Titanium autoclave, 3 liters volume
  • Ultrasonic thickness gage

1 In collaboration with research groups of the University of Bergamo


For more information on the tests carried out at Corrosion and materials for industry laboratories, please mail to tommaso.pastore@unibg.it or call +39 035 2052318/2052.