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MaSTeR - Material Science and Technology Research Center

Building materials

Area bacheca: 291&

The research group works in the Building materials laboratories of the University of Bergamo:

  • Mix design for new buildings and conservation-restoration
  • Mix design of concrete by using industrial by-products
  • Study of physical, rheological and mechanical properties of concrete and mortars
  • Mix design of concrete manufactured with last generation superplasticizers
  • Mix design of high performance concrete (high strength concrete, concrete reinforced with microfibers)
  • Study and development of nanocomposites with cementitous matrices

Main instruments and devices

  • Abrams cone
  • Accelerated curing tank
  • Balances
  • Compressive testing device for 4x4x16 cm mortars
  • Compressive testing machine for concrete
  • Compressive testing machine for mortars
  • Concrete mixer
  • Flexure testing device for 4x4x16 cm mortar specimens
  • Flow table
  • Formworks for 15x15x15 cm concrete cubes
  • Formworks for 4x4x16 cm mortar specimens
  • Heating electric furnace
  • Mortar mixer
  • Porosimeter
  • Vibratory sieve + UNI series
  • Tanks for concrete curing


For any information about this laboratory please mail to luigi.coppola@unibg.it or call +39 035 2052030