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Cabrini M., Lorenzi S., Marcassoli P., Pastore T., Tarquini B.
Corrosion rate assessment in a geothermal water conveying system
Proceedings of 2nd International Conference - Corrosion and Material Protection (CMP 2010), Prague, Czech Republic, Apr 19, 2010 - Apr 22, 2010, ISBN 978-80-903933-6-3
Theme: corrosion
Keywords: generalized corrosion, fresh water, corrosion rate prediction, models
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Pastore T., Cabrini M., Coppola L., Lorenzi S., Marcassoli P., Buoso A.
Inhibition effect of lactate on localized corrosion of steel in chloride contaminated concrete
Proceedings of Eurocorr 2009, Nice, France, 6-9 Settembre 2009
Theme: durability of reinforced concrete
Keywords: corrosion inhibitors, localized corrosion, chlorides, steel rebars
Bazzoni B., Lorenzi S., Marcassoli P., Pastore T.
Current and Potential Distribution Modelling for CP of Tank Bottoms
CORROSION/2008, New Orleans LA, U.S.A., March 16-20 2008, paper n. 08059, NACE - International Corrosion Conference Series, pp. 080591-0805919
Theme: corrosion
Keywords: cathodic protection, current distribution, potential distribution, finite element modeling, storage tank, design
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