Unibg International -ORA : Introduction
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ORA - Research Group on Time and Its Signs

ORA - Osservatorio sui segni del tempo

web: www.unibg.it/ora

ORA - Research Group on Time and Its Signs was established in January 2013 and operates within the Letters, Philosophy, Communication Dept. at the University of Bergamo .
Its interdisciplinary mission is to investigate both time and its social/representative signs, i.e., the cognitive and symbolic strategies that make time itself a major experience in the creation of social relationships between the self, society and reality. ORA deals with time as both:

  1. narrated time, the core idea being that narration - both fictional and historical - provides shape, design and intention to actual time, thus eliciting critical tools from disciplines as diverse as history, literature, semiology and film studies
  2. the present time, whose cultural forms, emblems, origins and (hi)story may in turn be best explored by the language of sociology, art history and media studies.

ORA works in cooperation with Fondazione Bergamo nella Storia, GAMeC (Galleria di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Bergamo) and Lab80.
The ORA logo was designed by Mariana Owen, Laboratório de Design, Centro de Estudos de Design e Arte, Departamento de Design da Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto.


Fabio Cleto


Paolo Barcella; Benedetta Calandra; Erminio Corti; Rocco De Biasi; Anna De Biasio; Stefano Ghislotti; Daniele Giglioli; Mariagrazia Meriggi; Alessandro Montel; Francesca Pasquali (vice-director); Domenico Perrotta; Valentina Pisanty; Gustav Adolf Pogatschnigg; Stefano Rosso; Giovanni Scirocco; Mario Verdicchio