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Re-reading Marx - New Perspectives after the Critical Edition

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Rolf Hecker, MEGA Editor - New perspectives opened by the publication of Marx's manuscripts of Capital,vol. II

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The first publication of all manuscripts of Marx and the editorship manuscript of Engels to 2. Volume of the "Capital" opens a new view on the representation of the circulation process of the capital. The second volume takes a "hinge position" between 1. and 3. Volumes. Only by the switching of the circulation the produced commodity its value realization and the transfomation of the value into production prices and the surplus value into profit can be represented. Marx prepared for it ten manuscript drafts, which exhibit a different "Reifegrad", but an idea of the representation process give.

The second new viewing on the 2. Volume results from the publication of Engel's editorship manuscript. Thus the possibility is created of reconstructing in detail how the editor Engels followed the train of thought of the author Marx. Engels's task was connected in the reality with some difficulties, which led in the process of the work on the manuscript to extensive interferences into the text, e.g. changes in the structuring, revisions and additions of individual text passages, adjustments in the terminology etc..

This editorial work of Engels at the 2. volume is documented by three special listings. The structuring of the text introduced by it is confronted in the arrangement comparison of the chapter organizations of the manuscripts by Marx. In this way an overview of the organization of the titles and headings of the individual chapters and "Unterkapitel" is given through Engels. From the provenance listing can be read off, at the basis put which texts from Marx's manuscripts of Engels in which places of the editorship manuscript. In the discrepancy listing one specifies concretely, how intervened Engels in the formulation of the individual passages, i.e. he changed which sentences or terms and/or he made which additions or repayments.