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  • Rapid prototyping

  • In PLM Laboratory there is also a machine for rapid prototyping: Spectrum Z510 by Z Corporation (Fig. 7). The Spectrum Z510 Full Color System produces high-definition, full-color prototypes quickly and affordably. Superior inkjet printing technology creates parts with crisply defined features, enhanced accuracy, and precise color, so you can print and evaluate physical models of design concepts in their nearly finished state.

    Figure 8 and 9 show some examples of prototypes realised for the validation of a concept car and for the implementation of a wind tunnel designed by TECS Lab (Turbomachinery and Energy Conversion Systems).

    Fig. 7 - PLM Laboratory: machine for rapid prototyping

    Fig. 8 - Prototypes of a concept car

    Fig. 9 - Rapid prototypes (left) used in a wind tunnel (right)